My Faith Confession

Great people are ready to help me, in the right way and in the right time. So I will never give up when it looks like I dont have the help that I need, but I will rely on God to provide. Because God has resources that I have not even considered, so in the right way and in the right time..

God WILL provide!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Blues

Well, just like that my sweetie is gone again. Steve came in on Tuesday evening and we were blessed to spend some of Wednesday, Thursday, and some of today together. Of course I had to work on Wed, and some on yesterday-- but none the less, it was nice to come home to my husband. I am 30something years old, and have been married to him for almost 18 years and I still miss him when he is gone. I dont understand wives that want thier husbands out of the house... I understand wanting them out from under foot so you can get chores, etc done.. but gone for long periods of time??? I cant say that I understand that. I always suffer periods of sadness on the day he leaves and for several days after. We did get to go to brunch today, at of all places-- Waffle House! I had some coupons for 15% off there, and Steve amazingly agreed. It was nice. While we were there, he received his preplan message. Which means.. it is time to go. So we came home and got his stuff ready, clothes & food into his truck and then he left around 3pm...
Well, I really need to get up in the Attic and get some mothers day cards made... I will only be able to do it, through Gods strength. Perhaps I will have some pics to post a little later. I realize it is Friday and for most, that means the weekend is coming up! So, I hope that all of you have had a great day and will have a very nice weekend.